Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday 12/04/09

fRIDAY 091204

Row 1000 meters

Then three rounds- 21, 15, and 9 reps of:
GHD Situps
Back Extensions

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Please, if you have never done GHD sit ups before, it may be wise to scale to 15, 12, 9 for them to prevent the possibility of a case of Rhabdo! Also, watch the GHD Sit up video on the demos section to be sure you do them correctly.  21, 15, 9 may not be enough reps to bring a case of it on, but it is not worth the risk.

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Neil said...

10:44 as rx'd

at least a minute was screwing with the GHD chair since I forgot to set it up before starting. Row took me 3:48 by itself.