Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday 1/22/10

FRIDAY 100122

Three rounds for time of:
50 Double-unders
50 Back extensions

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Neil said...

DU's are a MAJOR weakness of mine.....GRRRRRR!

Neil said...

Was not going to attempt DU's since I kept hitting a 'still healing' tattoo when I practiced at them last week, but once I was at the gym I changed my mind. I am not good at them, so I decided to scale to 25 SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED DU's per round.

Did the CFWU, minus BE's.

Once I got started, I had 40 seconds into it and my rope broke right in the center of the line! Thankfully the gym had a decent leather rope for me to use and I started over.

I was hitting DU's better than ever! Hit a couple in a row even on the first round. Only missed a few tries, but had LOTS of Single Unders in there to keep my rhythm. Back extensions were done kind of slow, but probably not as slow and controlled as they should have been. Anyway, my DU'S vastly improved during the WOD and by the time I was finished I had hit like 6-7 consecutive ones! That is a new best for me...LOL.

I grabbed my watch going into the 3rd round of BE's and it was at 16:04. I tossed it on the handle of the GHD so I could stop it when I finished the last set. 48-49-TIME! Grabbed the watch and it was stopped at 16:05!!!! I must have hit the button when I grabbed it....GRRRRR!

Oh well, all is not lost over a stopped timer. I was stoked to have improved so much on my DU's. Few more months and I will be ready for Annie as Rx'd, since I have always only done SU's on her.