Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday 12/18/09

FRIDAY 091218

Rest Day


Neil said...

May be at the Gym tomorrow to make up a missed WOD or 2...or just to work on some weaknesses (MU's, DU's, Thrusters).

Neil said...

Back Squat: 3-3-3-3-3
135-165-185-205-215 +135(x5)

Noticed on the last 2 sets I was not getting down far enough. I had a Dynamax ball there as a 'bumper', but for some reason was pushing up before hitting it. So I want ahead and did 5 more squats of 135 really slow working on pausing at the ball.

Then did a couple sets of GHD Sit ups and Hip/Back extensions before going back to work.

Neil said...

went back to gym this evening to do more...
did front squats from November 30:
guess I was still smoked from the back squats at only my index and middle fingers were on the bar as well, and they were not feeling really well either. That was the reason I could not get the 165 on the last set.

then I went ahead to do the WOD from Thanksgiving (mainsite WOD). It was a 20 minute AMRAP of:
15 DU's
15 GHD SU's
15 GHD Back extensions

Was doing Singles, since I tried to warm up with some doubles and could not get one to save my life for some reason.

Started without messing with the GHD chair again. I guess I figured that nobody had been at the gym since I used the GHD at lunch....WRONG! Lost time... Then on the 3rd Round the friggin rope broke! LOL... Tied a knot in the handle and kept going. Rope got all twisted. On the 3rd round of GHD's I was feeling effects of the GHD's I did earlier. I said screw it and stopped. I did not want anything else to go wrong..LOL.

So then I rowed 1000 meters, climbed the rope once, and hauled ass home.

Misty Biggs said...

WOW!!! I mean could you next time not break anything in the gym!!! Dont you just love them Back ext....Dizzy DIZZY DIZZY

Neil said...

Nah, didn't break any of the Gym's stuff. It was my own rope that I have had for like 5 years. I can fix it, but this is like the 3rd time it has broken and each time it breaks, it gets shorter after it is repaired...LOL. That may be why I cannot get even a single double under now, it is probably to damn short.

The Back Extensions don't get to me too bad, but the GHD Sit ups friggin burn my hams and glutes bad as hell!