Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday 12/29/09

TUESDAY 091229

Row 5K.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091227 (MainSite) or 12/27/09 (E-City). Try to beat your time from Sunday!


Neil said...

Gonna try to beat my 19:30. My 2500 split was 9:40, so I just need to watch my splits and try to keep the machine at about 1:53/500m. That should get me under 19 minutes!

Neil said...

as Rx'd:
Damper on 7

That is :13 faster than Sunday. Could have been even better, but felt parched and had to keep grabbing my H2O bottle...the extremely dry mouth and throat started at about 1500m and seemed like every 400-500m after that I would have to quickly grab a swig. Clock did not stop, but I bet I lost about 20-30 seconds due to pace dropping! I grabbed a couple bottles of water on way to gym and accidentally grabbed 'flavored' aquafina bottles, I think this is what caused the dryness. Note to self: check the bottled water before hitting the gym.

Sean Dos Santos said...

Got it completed at 22:06 with the damper @ 7. I think that the burn in my arms started somewhere around 400M.... LOL Missed the one on Sunday so this was a good benchmark for me. I am quite the wuss.........

Misty Biggs said...

Completed the whole WOD today..
..time was 25:18- at least a completed it and I was about 22 sec. faster then I was on Sunday.
My legs were noodles when I got done.

Neil said...

Great job Misty!