Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wednesday 12/09/09


Run 5K
Post time to comments.

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Neil said...

Well, My Ipod said I ran the 5K in 24:29, but I think there was a malfunction somewhere. I hit my halfway point at the same halfway point the Ipod always tells me for the 5k (Just past the asphalt patch near the lemon lot). However, when I got to my shop where I started (and should have been the end), The Ipod said I still had 440 meters to go! So I ended up making like 3 laps around our parking lot until it said I hit my goal.

The Nike+ feature of the Ipod is essentially a pedometer I think and it was VERY windy, so maybe the change in stride through it off on my way back against the wind...

I may be reaching...LOL...

Either way, 24:29 I guess!