Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday 1/11/10

MONDAY 100111

Rest Day

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Neil said...

I had to leave work early to pick kids up from school, so I used that opportunity to hit the Gym. I decided to do the Crossfit Endurance Anaerobic Endurance WOD:

I am not sure if I did the WOD right, but I did not lift at a PR or anything so I think I should be fine. The way I read the WOD was:
Push Jerk- 3-3-3-3-3 with 3 min rest between each set
Split Jerk- 3-3-3 with 3 min rest between each set
Behind the Neck Jerk- 1-1-1 with 3-3.5 min rest between each rep

So, I tried 165 for a rep when I started and it felt a little heavy to try through the whole WOD (175 is my PR for PJ, and the only time I ever did SJ I got to 155). So, I just used 145 for the PJ and SJ, and only 95 for the BNJ since I have never tried it before this. I forgot to rest after each rep on the BNJ, so it was just 1 set of 3....